Logo & Brand Identity

Sugar Land School of Fine Art, also known as SSCOFA, is a black owned art school located in Sugar Land, Texas. Their focus is about bringing excellence to the arts while uplifting students during the process.The logo had to include rainbow colors, stars, and a crown. My idea was to create a symmetrical logo that portrayed allegiance, like a badge of honor.



Brand Colors





R: 0

G: 161

B: 75

C: 85%

M: 10%

Y: 100%

K: 0%

R: 237

G: 28

B: 36

C: 0%

M: 100%

Y: 100%

K: 0%

R: 33

G: 64

B: 154

C: 100%

M: 90%

Y: 0%

K: 0%

R: 255

G: 222

B: 23

C: 0%

M: 10%

Y: 95%

K: 0%

Typography Fonts

variationsArtboard 11@3x-8.png



This design is originally for shirts but can also be used elsewhere. This version of the logo displays the shortened version  "SSCOFA" on a dark or light garment shirt.

Shirt Ideas