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Sam Houston State University//McNair Scholars Program Magazine Design




My goal for this magazine was to create a clean look with a modern twist, while also listening to their needs and ideas.



Before: the cover had a curvy banner with the name of the program on it. The school logo was small in the bottom corner. In order to give them the opportunity to see how their cover would look with this type of landscape image, I wanted to give the magazine and program a home. What I mean by that is making sure that the university was seen. However, it also worked out because there would have been an immense amount of white space had I kept this image with a curvy banner title. So it came down to this logo of theirs at the top and a clean horizontal banner still highlighting their program. With them wanting to still keep "program magazine" I decided to make that smaller and turn it blue to ensure balance is kept.

I really like the paw of Sam Houston so I placed that at the bottom left corner for balance and also to match the back of their magazine (as you will see at the bottom of this page).
Continuation of staff introductions going into learning about the program.

My goal was to ensure everyone was seen and also that the information was legible for the audience to read.

Pages 6-7

About the Program:
I wanted to highlight and capture the most important pieces of information. (ie. the must haves with a highlighted background at the bottom on page 8. Also, the numbers on page 9)

Pages 8-9



Link to the full magazine on Sam Houston State University's website is soon to come.
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