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Greetings! My name is Natalya aka NAT aka ImaNATural Artist

My Story

Natalya Hutchinson is a visual artist whose always had a knack for creating. She was born and raised southwest of Houston in Missouri City, Texas. As an introvert, she found her voice through the use of art, sports, and humor. She began her interest in drawing and color at the age of 3. Redesigning Bratz dolls and their clothes at age 8. And sketching out her dream shoes and painting on clothing at age 15.

Though she had a love for graphic design after experiencing a class in high school, she decided to switch gears upon arriving college. After discovering a new realm of art during her second year, she graduated from the University of North Texas in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Printmaking and minor in Entrepreneurship. Since then she has been administering classes at a private fine arts school, Sugar Land School of Fine Art, teaching children painting and drawing from the ages of 5 to 18. After a few years she went back to school to receive her Masters of Art at the University of Houston in the Arts Leadership program focusing on community engagement and education in under-served communities. With her Practicum study served at Fresh Arts, she discovered her interest in event and program planning.

Her journey began. Throughout the years, she continued to practice her graphic design skills whether on projects or for fun because of the love that was still there, which has led her here. Since then she has been featured in Voyage Houston magazine in 2019 and work shown in multiple Missouri City libraries, and event showcases. She's been seen at multiple events such as, TrapArt Houston, Pancakes 'n' Booze, RAW Artist 2018 showcase, and MVA Gallery.


Interesting Facts

  • I love helping and witnessing transformations ie. plants growing, body changes from health and fitness changes, inner self hate to love, children improving in their studies and extracurricular..

  • Whole Food Eater. I want that natural food.

  • Half-Jamaican

  • Shot Put and Discus multi-Regional winner & multi-National Competitive athlete from age 8 to17.

  • Fashion & Fitness
  • I love spirituality, science, and the body.

  • Shoes & Sneakerhead

  • Sagittarius

About Imanatural

What is ImaNATural?

ImaNATural was created in 2017 and rebranded in 2020. ImaNATural = "I'm a natural" a mantra that I didn't even realize I was truly embracing. ImaNATural came about because of the self talk I had to do to push through college. Between pushing through a new art form, sports, and transitioning my hair into its natural state all during college, I moved by that mantra. And I as I embraced this new belief I realized that my nickname, Nat, was apart of the word "natural". Putting "I'm a natural" all together was about bringing a chill and confident vibe to the mix. I felt called to this as if it truly described me. As time evolved, so did the meaning.

BELIEVE FROM WITHIN. That's where it all begins. If we don't see our own potential and trust our Creator, then how do we move forward as an individual? That was a question for myself. As someone who genuinely wants better for the world, my people, and my close loved ones, I wanted to create art that encouraged just that. I wanted to be of service in helping goals be achieved and putting smiles on faces by creating a representation of the customer through creation. We are all capable of reaching unbelievable goals. We all have a gift. And we all should push to be authentically ourselves. So let's do it...


To upgrade lives through divine artistry and awareness.


To help create a positive atmosphere of love, happiness, and inspiration in the mind and other sacred spaces with the touch of my creations. 

Core Values








I live and create by these core values everyday. I have grown to understand the importance of them and hope to inspire others to do the same as well.

I Create...

To inspire and make people feel amazing. To encourage to go for what they love. I create to informI create to connect with other like-minded individuals and share our values. I create because I want to be able to teach through this journey that I’m on so others can be aware of what’s possible. I create to learn... which is why I created the ImaNATural Brand.

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