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CBoard Redesign

4 month Bootcamp Certification


Timeline: 3.5 months | September 2022 - December 2022

Role: Lead | Project Manager

Responsible For: Timeline, V.1 Wireframing, Onboarding, Music Feature, Standard Colors, Tooltips, Settings Page

What is Cboard?

CBoard is an open-sourced aided AAC device also known as augmentative and alternative communication. This device is another way of communicating instead of talking. According to this chart, CBoard would be considered a communication board, using a speech generating device with picture-based systems.


Current Problem Statement

1st Problem Statement - Focused on one type of diagnosis

2nd Problem Statement- It's more open to several diagnosis for research purposes and time constraints

How might we help individuals who have trouble communicating as a result of or due to medical diagnosis converse with family on an intimate level?

Initial Research

During this phase, the design team individually did our own research to gather as much information as we can that resonates with our problem statement for our first design. 

What We Found...

  • AAC devices are expensive through insurance which led us to discovering CBoard because it's open to all through a website.

  • Lack of inclusivity in regards to Black, Indigenous, American Indians was also an issue we noticed.

Competitive Analysis

The key features that users of similar AAC apps wanted were...

  • A-Z word search

  • Can be used in emergency medical situations.

  • Edit and add phrases and fringe words for natural speech.

  • Easy to change tense of words.

  • Consistency.

  • Music, Books, or something similar

  • Dark mode to prevent migraines.


We used Miro to collaborate and decide on the main solution.

Copy of Copy of CBoard Redesign - MMC Team Natural-2.png

Our main focus started with only AAVE () icons, but I still felt like a music import was just as important based off the findings I found. 


  1. Music Import for more inclusive conversations

  2. Inclusive Icons to allow for more diverse conversations

  3. Update Design system to modernize the overall look

  4. Update Settings Page that minimalizes the pages

  5. Update Standard Colors with something more welcoming and accessibility friendly

  6. Create a Minimalist and Modern Onboarding Process for straightforward understanding

  7. Add a Mobile Version to gain more users

We met with the actual CBoard Design Team over Zoom...and they loved what we had so far! Especially the music import and mobile version idea.

Copy of Copy of CBoard Redesign - MMC Team Natural.png
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