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Digital Art

Photoshop and Illustrator



Day 6 Coffee based in Houston, TX, is a black-owned coffee shop bringing more life and art into the community. This piece was commissioned for their specialty collection to highlight the anniversary of the Greenwood Massacre (Black Wall Street Massacre) which is on May 31st.

This piece represents REVITALIZATION. It creates a new perspective for the future of Greenwood, but also black businesses and entrepreneurs. The music notes represent the vibrancy and upbeat feel back then, but coming back in full circle with a different rhythm. The animals are associated with the meaning of God creating land animals and people on day 6 which ties in the Day 6 Coffee shop. The giraffe represents peace and individuality. Elephant represents prosperity, luck, strength, and wisdom. There’s a subtle map with Day 6 coffee shop pinned to emphasize that they too are apart of Black Wall Street...

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